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Countdown to the Millennium Pin #8 - One Hour in Wonderland

From the 1999 Disney Store promotion "Countdown to the Millennium" comes pin #8, commemorating Walt Disney's first TV show, One Hour in Wonderland.  Pin is mint on its original card in its original plastic sleeve. $5

Hasbro Pencil Box - Small Variant

Smallest of three sizes of the Alice in Wonderland pencil box, from 1951 for the original release of Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland. Excellent used condition, edge rubs, light spots on surface, contents empty.  For more details please visit this post$25

Salient Small Fry Shoulderbag

Mint condition shoulder bag from the original release in 1951.  These are getting harder and harder to find, this example has never been played with.  For more details please visit this post.  $40

Alice in Wonderland marionette theatre

insanely rare Peter Puppet Marionette Theater set, complete in its original box with all marionettes and components present. This is perhaps the rarest of all Disney Alice toys, I know of only two other complete sets, one of which is in my permanent collection; perhaps fewer than 5 complete sets exist. Set consists of the following components:

  • Original box 
  • stage 
  • script 
  • tickets 
  • soundtrack record 
  • Alice marionette 
  • Mad Hatter marionette 
  • March Hare marionette 
  • marionette control instructions 
  • double-sided backdrop 
  • cardboard screen 
  • curtain 
Box very stained and worn, theater in good condition with some staining and bends, stapled remnants on reverse, backdrop nicely colored but with some edge wear and a small piece out, record sleeve separated at bottom, script has some wear and light damage, but complete, marionettes in good shape with some age staining of clothes.  For more details and photos of representative pieces in my set, visit this post. SOLD

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