Monday, November 24, 2008

Disneyland 1958 Attraction Opening Lamp Post Sign

Continuing the theme of cool Alice items on which I was underbidder, I present to you a picture of one of the lamp post signs from Disneyland's 1958 opening of the Alice attraction. In my defense, I was actually out of the country when this auction was taking place, but I have a feeling that it would not have made a difference and would still have been underbidder in any case.

You can see some of these signs in this photo I have of Disneyland, although it is in black and white.

There were bunches of these signs all up and down Main Street. You can see some other views of these signs on Daveland's blog post here and Stuff at the Park's blog post here.

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I bet that auction was not a $5.99 special!

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