Tuesday, July 21, 2009

1951 National Screen Service Window Card

Getting near the end now. This is a window card, dimensions are 14"x22" - half the size of a half-sheet (quarter-sheet anyone?) and printed on the same heavier paper stock. This is another of those items that I thought would be way more common than it is, for the simple fact that these were also meant to be ordered in large numbers by theatre owners and distributed - this time to other local business.

The idea is to print or write information specific to the local theatre at the top of the poster in the blank white area and have these scattered around town in windows to advertise the showing. As such, these were never meant to be returned to NSS after use, they were essentially single use, and I would have thought more people would have kept them. But that is certainly not the case, these are very very uncommon. When they are found, they are almost always trimmed or folded. It is not a very pretty poster, probably adding to its scarcity.

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