Sunday, August 16, 2009

1974 National Screen Service Standee

Since I was in that section of the Tulgey Wood anyway when I pulled out the theatre from yesterday's post, I thought I might as well photograph the subject of today's: the 1974 standee.

A more frightening piece of movie memorabilia has never been produced. A giant, six foot tall, day-glo Cheshire Cat. The colors on this thing can actually make your eyes water.

I commented on this piece once long ago in a fanzine, whoever the marketing guy was during the 1974 promotion must have been either insane or stoned. "For All You Fat Cats" - what the hell does that mean? Who is the audience for this campaign? Just one more reason why I pretty much despise the 1974 approach to the film.

But still, a cool piece ;-)


jedblau said...

I remember this! Very cool to see again.

Matterhorn1959 said...

Hey- I remember this as well. It was quite shocking in person!

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