Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Belgian Wyler's Soup Premium Puzzle #13 - Alice and the White Rabbit

Last week on eBay a seller in Belgium had 10 of these Wyler's premium puzzles up, seemed like a good time for a post.

This is the only Alice puzzle I've seen from this set, #13 featuring Alice following the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole.

Puzzle itself is printed on very thin cardboard. Comes with a card stock picture of what the finished puzzle looks like,

all in an illustrated envelope. The envelope is the giveaway to the puzzle's origin, it has text in both French and Dutch. These come from the mid-1950s, since Peter Pan is listed on the envelope - odd that Alice isn't.

Of the puzzles I've seen, each film seems to follow sequentially in the numbers. Number 11 is Snow White, and number 16 is Peter Pan, so that leaves several numbers open for other potential Alice puzzles...but I have yet to see any other than this one.

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