Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mystery Walrus Figure

Here's another figure from the 'I don't know what this is' section of the Tulgey Wood.

This Walrus is a complete mystery to me. At one time I wondered if he could be Wally Walrus, but now I don't think so. He is holding a cane and a cigar in his hands, just like the Walrus from Alice, and he doesn't appear to have visible tusks, again like the Walrus from Disney. There are no markings on this whatsoever. I don't think it is a Weetman figure either, because I have a Weetman Walrus with the original label, as shown here, so unless they made two different figures, it's not Weetman. Of course, I can't ignore the fact that it could be an unlicensed figure. I would greatly appreciate any information on this figure from anyone out there.

UPDATE:  I now have it on good authority that this is English, and by Weatherby or Falcon Ware, most likely from an abandoned series from 1958.  I'm awaiting my reference book, and when I have it in hand, I'll publish a full updated post.


Major Pepperidge said...

Yeah, he is definitely not Wally Walrus... must be a knock-off of the Disney character. Interesting!

Matt said...

New information!!

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