Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spanish Filmstrip Set - Cine NIC Sonoro

What a great toy this is.  This is a boxed set of 'filmstrips' of the Alice story from Spain.  Box graphics are a little crude, but wait till you see the insides!
This is one of many sets offered, this being set L (stock number 139-144).  There are a couple of other Disney sets in there as well, including Lady  and the Tramp, which probably dates this to 1955 since there is no Sleeping Beauty.
Inside are six individual boxes containing the filmstrips.  The inner boxes are generic, with what looks like a rubber stamp impression of the specific title.
Here's where it gets really interesting.  This filmstrips are really paper strips with drawing in two rows.  The action in each of the two rows is slightly different.  I've seen this kind of toy before, in fact I've seen Alice themed versions of this toy before, but not Disney.  Apparently the 'player' for this toy switches between the two rows creating a sort of animated effect.
I've attempted to reproduce what this effect would look like at a very slow pace (faster and I get a headache).
I was very excited when I got this, a complete set, woohoo! But sadly, my set is NOT complete, I have two copies of segment 6 and am missing segment 1. Oh well.


Major Pepperidge said...

This is a cool toy, but I'm not sure I understand how the viewer managed to switch between the two views. Was there a button that you pushed or something?

Matt said...

I wish I knew, I don't have the viewer, so am unsure as to how it works.

Carlos Maciá said...

Hi!, I have one of this proyectors. It's most unusual! It has 2 lenses, which create the sensation of "animation". The way it works is the same handle that makes the "film strip" move in front of the lenses, helps a mechanism that, alternatively, blocks one of the 2 lenses. That way, we see the top or bottom drawing, which defer from each other in samll details, creating the movement senstaion. Here's an example:

It was a Spanish invention of 1931, but it was also exported all around the world.

Matt said...

Very neat, it would be great to see one in operation.

Jose Castro said...

i`m live i Sevilla in Spain...i can find for you the lost film of Alice for complet...what number of serie fault

Jose Castro said...

ALSO i have to sold varius diferent models of projector
brand one makers of tin toys paper film of 1930 years

Matt said...

@Jose - yay! I've sent you email, thank you!

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