Friday, May 6, 2011

Courtroom Layout Drawing - Bailiff Stand

I seem to be in a courtroom mode these days, but probably only because long ago I was lucky enough to acquire a bunch of art from that sequence.  Today's layout drawing is a fantastic and large vertical pan layout for the White Rabbit's bailiff stand.
What's neat about this particular layout is that there are framing notes on the drawing itself.  While I'm not familiar with the terminology (hoping Hans reads this and tells me what these mean specifically), I can guess that they refer to the starting and ending shots for this background.
If you look closely at the drawing above you'll see what appear to be crop marks in two locations on the drawing.  I've highlighted what the boxes would look like in the image below.
if you extract the marked frames, you'll see what is apparently the start of the White Rabbit's ascent of the stairs
and his eventual position at the top of the stand.  Looks a little different from what eventually ended up in the film, probably why this drawing is marked 'discard', but pretty close.
The drawing also has other standard production notations Prod # 2069, Seq. 11.0 Sc 12.1.

1 comment:

A Snow White Sanctum said...

Really like the layout drawing in its vertical pan layout. Very dramatic in its simplicity.

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