Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mickey Mouse Weekly #588 from England - August 18th, 1951

And on we go.  Cover this time features Donald and nephews, with an Enid Blyton Secret Seven badge.
As a bonus, we have the article on Kathy that I originally mentioned in my post about Leonardi figures.
And of course, Chapter 5, in which Alice sails away on the Sea of Tears, encountering the Dodo for the first time.
Interesting how Mr Bottle has a line of dialog in this issue.  Wonder if that is a throw-back to David Hall's original character of the talking Drink Me bottle?


Major Pepperidge said...

I had forgotten about the wall plaques and thought that Kathy was surrounded by those string holders. It seems weird to me that they would do a "Carpenter" head but not a "Caterpillar" head (which would be awesome).

Matt said...

It is a bit odd to have her surrounded by decapitated characters.

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