Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mickey Mouse Weekly #594 from England - September 29th, 1951

I love this cover, I call it the Ben Hur cover (for obvious reasons).  Although I find it difficult to imagine Donald as a Roman charioteer.
This issue features Chapter 11, in which Alice succumbs to temptation and literally grows as big as a house.
The Dodo makes an appearance, and we know nothing good can come from this...


Magic Emperor said...

Donald and Alice are my two favorite Disney characters, so I do enjoy seeing them in close proximity!

I'm really running out of meaningful and helpful comments, and I apologize, Matt. lol You know what would have been cool? A dollhouse modeled exactly like the Whit Rabbit's house, including appropriate furniture and such. Of course, I'm male. But I don't care. I'd get one!

Matt said...

nonsense is perfectly welcome, after all it is about Wonderland.

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