Monday, February 25, 2013

Italian Fotobusta - Alice, Dinah & Alice's Sister Paired with the Caucus Race

Some of the coolest movie posters from Alice's original release came from Italy.  Among those are an amazing set of 12 fotobustas, something like a large lobby card or a small half-sheet.  Alice fotobustas are 35x50 cm, aproximately 14x20 in.  This was standard until the late 1950s when fotobustas changed to 50x70 cm or approximately 20x28.

As I said earlier, there are 12 fotobustas in the Alice set.  This is an educated guess on my part as I've only seen 11 so far, but 12 was a common count in those days, and I have it on good authority that the printer of these fotobustas (Zincografica Firenze) produced either 10 or 12 in a set, so 12 seems likely since 11 are known.  Also, I only own 9, the 2 others for which I have photos came from eBay and I'll note them as such.

All the Alice fotobustas feature the same border with the title at the bottom and the March Hare in the lower right corner holding a sign that says "In Technicolor", with the central image being an open book with two images from the film, one on each page.
First up is this fotobusta featuring the opening scene with Alice sitting in the tree with Dinah, and her sister on the ground reading aloud; paired with the Dodo standing on the rock on the beach of the Sea of Tears directing the Caucus Race.

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