Thursday, July 11, 2013

1953 Japanese Theater Program - Four Color 331 Cover

Second movie theater program from Japan features a cover based on Four Color 331 - but bright red!  The art has been redrawn completely, who can say why.
Take a look at the FC cover and you'll see what I mean.  The Dormouse looks more like a guinea pig now and the White Rabbit has quite the suntan...
Inside is typical program fare, lots of stills from the film, some advertisements for the theaters.
and even some live action reference shots!
Coolest is this very nice Al Dempster art double page spread.


Torgo25 said...

I'm curious as to how well this film performed in Japan. Japan seems to take to "cute" films, as evidenced by the reception of Lilo and Stitch and Wreck-It Ralph.

Sojoboscribe said...

Another notable difference in the Japanese version is the fact that Alice's stockings have been reverted to the all white one's in the movie and more notably, her shoes have been changed from black to red. Red shoes are actually quite common in Japanese Alice illustrations (and in fact the illustrations of many other fairy tale heroines) for uncertain reasons (my personal theory is that, since practically every child in Japan learns the song Aki I Ku Tsu (red shoes) as a kid (it's on the level of learning "three blind mice" or "twinkle twinkle little star here" red shoes have gotten associated with foreign girls.

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