Sunday, August 25, 2013

David Hall Story Drawing - Alice Falls Down the Rabbit Hole

Next up is this cute little drawing of Alice as she tumbles down the rabbit hole.
Again this is on some sort of tissue or velum, and was originally glued down to something as evident from the stained residue on the edges.
This drawing is much smaller than all the previous one, image size being only 3¼  x 2½.  This image also appears in Surprise Package, on page 44.  Interestingly, later editions of Surprise Package do not have this image.  I have a 1948 printing that not only has half the number of illustrations for Alice - 15 vs. 30 in the 1944 first printing - but also has the stories in a different order, and leaves out three entire stories, having only 9 stories as opposed to 12 in the first printing.


Major Pepperidge said...

I think I need to get a first edition of the "Surprise Package" book.

Bruce Tanis said...

David Hall was an amazing artist. His Peter pan stuff is fantastic. Thanks for posting this.
Bruce Tanis

Matt said...

@major - yes, you do :-)

@bruce - I couldn't agree more. The Peter Pan stuff doesn't show up as often as the Alice, but it is fantastic!

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