Monday, November 18, 2013

National Leather Manufacturing Company Schoolbag WD30

Next up is WD30, the Schoolbag.  These days I believe I would call this a satchel.  The 'rubberized' material makes this very stiff after 60 years, but the 'texon' flaps are in good shape.  This first one is the handled variant.
There is also a variant with a strap
and a variant with no corner reinforcements.
This particular variant actually  has a different stock number JWD30 based on the catalog pages for the Peter Pan models, even though they don't specifically list an Alice J model.  It also came with either a handle or a strap, but I only have the handle variation.
All of these bags came in plaid as well, and I have had plaid ones in the past, but don't have any at this time.  Gotta make room for new stuff after all, can't have EVERY variation (although I do make a pretty good stab at it).

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Alice19510726 said...

Hi Matt,

I recently acquired a WD30 and was trying to do a little research on their rarity/value. I haven't had much luck so far and was hoping you might be able to provide a little more info.

Thanks for your time.

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