Monday, April 25, 2016

Big Golden Record DBR-1 Six Songs from Alice in Wonderland - Part 1

What we have here ladies and gentlemen is possibly the rarest of all the Alice records.  Big Golden Record DBR-1, Six Songs from Alice in Wonderland, Part 1.  Together with Part 2, these comprise the rarest recordings (domestically) that I am aware of.
For years no one would believe me that these even existed, as I had no physical evidence, only a single reference in a single printed ad, but I was convinced they did indeed exist.
And lo and behold, about 7 years ago I was finally rewarded when I found both in a single lot of old children's records.  Fantastic!
The recordings themselves are nothing special, just a rehash of the same titles on the Little Golden Records, but the format is different.  The size of a standard 78 RPM record, with illustrated labels, and not too interesting sleeves, these must have been short lived indeed, for though there are literally 100s of LGRs, there is only a tiny number of titles in the BGR series.
I've heard it said that the DBR nomenclature on these titles stands for Disney Big Record, but have no confirmation of that.  Part 2 tomorrow.


Major Pepperidge said...

I can only imagine how excited you were when you found these; from the sound of it, you must have gotten them for a cheap price too.

Matt said...

I believe the phrase 'ridiculously happy' is suitable for my feeling when I got these. And yes, at a good price too :-)

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