Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Happy New Year!

So another year has come and gone, and while I have taken some major steps forward in preparation for an upcoming project, the blog has suffered.  Looking back at the history of posts over the past few years it is abundantly clear exactly when I started working for myself  - I'm sure you can guess when too!

That being said, I do have things happening on the Alice front and will continue to update the blog with content as I get the chance.  The first being - today!

This year has been a good one for art acquisitions.  I have been fortunate enough to acquire three new Mary Blair pieces, although I did have to part with another to finance them.  But so it goes, you gotta sell to buy!

I was also lucky enough to score an original page by Mel Crawford from the Little Nipper Storybook which I have not posted yet but have mentioned in several posts - mostly about Japanese books.

And the Australian exhibition closed in October, but is now traveling the world, first stop Singapore!  I will post details when I have them.  Happy New Year to all!


Magic Emperor said...

Gorgeous artwork. :D I certainly can't be alone with this sentiment, but, as a follower of this blog for many years, I will never give up on it. Happy new year, and merry unbirthday!

Torgo25 said...

Even though you don't update the blog as much anymore, I still enjoy visiting it. It's such a great resource for old Alice memorabilia and production art! Happy New Year!

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