Sunday, May 10, 2009

Alice in Wonderland & White Rabbit Child's Wallets

These are pretty fun. Children's wallets featuring wraparound character art from Alice in Wonderland. They are made from a vinyl or vinyl-like material, and are most likely from the original release or pretty close to it based on the logo type used on the Alice wallet.

These have a blue base color with the picture encased in a clear top layer - there are also variants with a red base color (of course I had to have both variants for both images dontcha know).

The inside has a change pocket with a snap closure, couple of smaller storage flaps, and of course the main wallet compartment.

One still had a couple of wallet-sized school photos inside. I call these two kids Bobby and Susie.

While I don't know which company made these, I believe these were made by a company called Salient, Inc. of Holyoke, MA. They made a child's vinyl purse for the original release as well, and I've seen reference material that states they also made wallets.

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