Thursday, May 7, 2009

Golden Coloring Book Original Art by Bob Grant - Page 26

Next in the Golden Coloring Book art series is page 26 - Alice in the garden of live flowers.

This is the page that made me realize what this batch of art was from. If you look at the rendering of Alice's face - especially the eyes - you'll see that it is very distinctive. I had always noticed the way her eye's were drawn in that coloring book, and the page of art triggered that memory enough for me to pull out the book and compare.

Another interesting thing is that this page of art - along with all the others in this series - is art from the pre-colored pages of this book. You may recall from my original post that this coloring book is a little different from most, it has a bunch of pages that come pre-colored, acting as a sort of reference.

The Golden Catalog from the fall of 1951 describes these special books as Golden Story Coloring Books, and the pre-colored pages as offering 'a general guide to the young artist'.

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