Monday, December 14, 2009

French Multi-Color Sheet Music

Yesterday you may recall I showed what I think is the original release sheet music from France. Today we see another piece of sheet music from France that I don't really know anything about - not that I really know anything about yesterday's either.

This is one of a set of monotone sheets, where each title is a different color. So far I've seen three colors: green (All in the Golden Afternoon, Very Good Advice),

blue (Alice in Wonderland, In a World of My Own),

and red (I'm Late)

I do not own copies of The Unbirthday Song, Twas Brillig or March of the Cards. Presumably one of them is red, and perhaps there is a fourth color I've not seen yet for the remaining two (which would be nicely symmetrical), perhaps black, brown, yellow or orange.

The thing about these sheets that is so odd is that except for their size (roughly 2/3 the size of the sheet from yesterday) and the fact that these are printed on the world's cheapest paper, they are the same as yesterday's sheet. Same publisher, same address, same set of songs listed, same advert on the back for Cinderella music. So I really have no idea what these are. It is possible that these are from a later period, but seems unlikely since re-releases produced far fewer song sheets, usually only I'm Late. I suppose these could be an inexpensive variant, perhaps for schools or something. I'll probably never know for sure.


Major Pepperidge said...

I wonder if France was still suffering from post WWII shortages (hence the cheap paper) when this sheet music was released? It had only been six years...

Matt said...

Interesting I wonder if that makes the sheet music from the previous post LATER than this one, since it is of much higher quality paper, larger and full color (at least as full as any other sheet of the time). Are there any French readers out there who can shed any light on this subject?

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