Sunday, December 20, 2009

TV Magazine - Detroit News Supplement December 20, 1959

From Christmas week 1959 comes this newspaper supplement TV guide-like magazine called TV Magazine (how original).

Inside we get a nice piece of winter-themed Alice art accompanying the blurb on the Christmas night episode of Walt Disney Presents which aired Alice in Wonderland. This was the fourth time the film was on the Walt Disney show, and the second time a Christmas night Disney show featured Alice - the first being One Hour in Wonderland. Notice that the Walrus in this piece of art was later rendered as a pin in a Disney Store advent set somewhere around 2005 or so.

Interesting to see who's in the picture above the Alice blurb. Besides the obvious Lucille Ball is a young up and coming actress name Majel Barrett in the red outfit with white polka dots. She would of course later become famous as Nurse Chapel on the original Star Trek series, and Lwaxana Troi on Star Trek: Next Generation.


Dwight Casey said...

Carole Cook is still around with many TV and Broadway appearances -- she played a recurring character on Cagney and Lacey years ago -- but is still active

Major Pepperidge said...

I've always thought it was kind of amazing the way that "Alice" was shown on TV so soon after its theatrical release.

H said...

Alice and Star Trek, together in a single post. I salute you, sir. ("Counselor Troi? This IS Counselor Troi!")

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