Thursday, December 23, 2010

TV Forecast - December 23, 1950

Back in the days before TV Guide, local newspapers or regional periodicals produced their own TV schedule magazines.  This is a copy of one such magazine, TV Forecast for the week of December 23, 1950, for the New England region, specifically Boston and Providence.
This is particularly nice in that it sports a cover of Walt with cutout photos of all the guest featured on One Hour in Wonderland, including a tiny head of Kathy at the bottom.
Inside features a quick blurb about OHiW, and a small paragraph featuring a few more details.  I find it interesting that they keep referring to Walt as a cartoonist rather than a film maker.
The listing itself offers a few more details about cast appearing.  By and large, this issue has quite a bit on OHiW, more so than most publications of the day.  See how it compares to another copy of the same magazine, TV Forecast, this time for the Great Lakes region.
The cover is completely different, and there is only a single mention of the show outside the listing itself, which is little more than an ad..
I sometimes wonder what the world was like back then, when someone with the fame and power of Walt Disney was entering the new media world of television, and the majority of the TV news seems to have pretty much ignored it.


Major Pepperidge said...

Just out of curiosity, have you ever met Katherine Beaumont?

Matt said...

Yes, I've met Kathy many times, we have become good friends.

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