Thursday, February 10, 2011

Little Golden Book - Alice och blommorna - Sweden

Continuing on from yesterday's newly discovered Swedish White Rabbit LGB, comes this newly discovered Swedish Live Flowers LGB.
#37 in the same series as yesterday's book.  Notice that this has the same cover as the edition from Norway.

Apparently there is some confusion on these books, this is the Swedish version of Alice Finds the Garden of Live Flowers as published in the US.


Major Pepperidge said...

I'm confused, is this a different story, or just a different cover?

Also, where do babies come from?

Matt said...

This is a different story - Alice Finds the Garden of Live Flowers. Yesterday's was Alice Meets the White Rabbit.

And everyone knows that the stork leaves babies under cabbage leaves. Duh.

Magic Emperor said...

DANG IT! That's why I failed health class, I had a different answer. :(

johnmackay said...

Oh, Alice is one of my niece's most favorite Disney movies and not to mention me too. When I was just a kid I love to watch it. Extreme NO

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