Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Little Golden Book - Alice och den vita kaninen - Sweden

Boy, this is a banner year for discovering new editions of the Little Golden Books.  Today's latest discovery is from Sweden, and bears a gift inscription on the inside front cover of November 25th, 1952.  This is the White Rabbit LGB, and the series title (FIB:s Gyllene Bok) translates loosely to People and Pictures:  Golden Book.
This title is #32 in the series, and according to Wikipedia there were no original Swedish titles, all were translated from the US editions.

Apparently there is some confusion on these books, this is the Swedish version of Alice Meets the White Rabbit as published in the US.


Major Pepperidge said...

I am waiting for the Eskimo version of the Alice in Wonderland BLB.

Matt said...

ooh, how about Klingon?

lou c ball said...

oh - matt-where is the punchout book -the us one and british one?

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