Monday, October 1, 2012

David Hall Story Art Stills - Alice and the Bottle

I love this next image, Alice and lots of ghostly images of her standing around the table with Mr Bottle just before she drinks.  Prominent signature in the lower right corner of this watercolor, labeled '32' just to the left of the signature.
Fortunately this image was reproduced in the David Hall book, and  can see just how beautiful this painting really is.  I would love to have this in my collection.
Never one to be daunted by unknown potions, Alice downs the drink as supplied by Mr Bottle.  This drawing is signed, but it is almost totally clipped in this particular still.


Inky said...

I think the first image in this post might be my favorite out of the ones you've posted so far, with the orange marmalade one coming in second. Thanks for sharing!

Major Pepperidge said...

What a great, trippy "hall of mirrors" effect Hall achieved. I really love his style!

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