Sunday, January 6, 2013

Italian Ferrero Premium Cards

Italian chocolatier Ferrero, best known in this country for those yummy balls of chocolate hazelnut goodness wrapped in gold foil, created a set of premium cards in the 1950s featuring LOTS of Disney characters.  Here we see three Alice characters:  Alice, the Mad Hatter, and the March Hare.
Given the numbers on the back, one can assume that there were at least 3 more Alice characters in the set, probably more.  I do know that number 38 is Flower from Bambi, so there probably aren't any more Alice characters earlier in the series, but the next number I know for sure is 48 (Bongo).
And, of course, there are variations.  Sigh.


Snow White Archive said...

I like this set. I just found your December ebay listing for the Snow White card. Sorry I missed that one. :)

Matt said...

Sorry about that, I should have let you know. If you like, I have hi-res images of it and the dwarf I can send you.

Snow White Archive said...

Here's the entire series:

Matt said...

nice! thank you!

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