Friday, June 14, 2013

Disneyland Alice in Wonderland Attraction Ticket - Stub Style

In honor of today's 55th anniversary of the Alice in Wonderland attraction at Disneyland, I present to you one of my quest items.  The named attraction stub-style ticket!  Yeah baby!
I didn't even know if this thing existed, having never seen one, nor was it pictured on the ticket pages over at Vintage Disneyland Tickets.  So imagine my pleasure (gonzo excitement is more like it) when I finally found one!
Since there is no indication of Adult or Child on this ticket, I'm guessing that by this time ticket booth tickets were a single price, but I would defer to any of the ticket experts on that point.  I have similar tickets for the Mad Tea Party, but they are marked as Adult or Child.  But then again, the tea cups are an opening day attraction, whereas the Alice dark ride didn't open until 1958.


Brian Sibley said...

Only another nerd could appreciate your joy at finding a little ticket-thing! Well done!! :)

Major Pepperidge said...

Neat, there's just something about these little stub tickets that are fun. I wish I had more of 'em.

Matt said...

@Brian - as one nerd to another, thank you!

@Major - me too! Still looking for a '58 C ticket with Alice...

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