Sunday, June 8, 2008

Disneyland Special Booth Tickets for Mad Tea Party

Back in the days of ticket books at Disneyland, there were additional ticket booths all over the place where you could buy individual tickets if you ran out of a specific letter in your book. Some attractions even had their very own tickets with the name of the attraction printed right on the ticket itself.

This is a matched set of Adult and Child ticket booth tickets for the Mad Tea Party attraction. These were probably samples or similar because they have the same serial number, and it is a very low number. Also, there are staple holes in them which leads me to believe they were never used in the park, but probably stapled to some sort of document.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Hi, I love yuor blog!

I have a bunch of those early attraction tickets with the staple too. I think they were stapled to sheets for the employees to learn what the tickets looked like. These are a sweet set you have, can you email be the high res scan and let me post it on my blog??

ps. thank goodness they we not used, otherwise they would be torn in half (gasp)...

Matt said...

Thanks for the nice comments! Love yours too, and was the inspiration for this post.

I don't know when they stopped printing these attraction-specific tickets, but would love to find some (if they exist) for the Alice attraction.

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