Wednesday, June 18, 2008

RCA Victor Record Catalog

When the film was originally released, RCA made a bunch of different records. This is the catalog that was available in record stores, and it is chock full of nice graphics and descriptions of the various formats that the records came in.

The cover is actually a gatefold cover, with gatefolds on both front and back covers. Back cover featuring the Queen of Hearts holding an RCA herald.

The front gatefold advertises the large storyteller record (a new format) in all three speeds. The inside cover advertises the three story singles in two speeds (78 and 45), and the first page has some art and photos of the original cast members who recorded the records.

The rest of the interior pages feature other RCA records available at the time.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Sterling Halloway & Ed Wynn, more reasons to love the Movie!!! Great item, I would die for one of those records, I'll take them in 45 rpm format...

Centaurette said...

It's amazing to see that none of the many "Alice" records from 1951 had soundtrack material; EVERYTHING was custom scripted, scored and recorded for RCA. Considering animation's long production lead-time (and the fact that the voices are recorded before the scenes are drawn), it must have been interesting for the key voice talent to revisit these roles possibly even a year or more after their film work had been completed! Great and interesting post...and another enviably cool item!

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