Thursday, June 12, 2008

Little Golden Book - Alice Finds the Garden of Live Flowers

Wednesday's post has put me in the mood for a series, so today's post will be #2 in the Garden of Live Flowers LGB series.

Today's post has the US editions. "Plural", you may ask? "I thought you said there was only one printing in the US?" you remind me. Indeed, that is the case, but there are two editions. The standard edition that everyone knows and loves, and the Goldencraft edition, also known as the library or school edition.

There are even variants of the Goldencraft edition, but I'm only posting the one I believe is the earliest edition. Other variants don't have the fully illustrated cover, but have plain text or generic LGB line art. Aside from the binding, the book is identical to the standard edition in every way.

UPDATE: Steve Santi in his excellent reference book on Golden Books identifies this as a Series Three Goldencraft book, which would be the first Goldencraft version available for this title. Series Three bindings were produced from around 1950-1959.

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