Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Bonus Post - Me as Seen by My Daughter

Ok, so my daughter has definitely got my number. She drew this for me as a gift a last year, and it seemed appropriate for the day. Note that this is where I got my avatar from as well.

Can you tell we also like Shag?

My character name eBayman originated when she was a little girl (about 9 I think) and she drew a bunch of comics featuring me as the hero, and herself as my sidekick Computer Girl (she used a twirling mouse as her weapon of choice). Over the years the name stuck within our family, and the above is the culmination. I really like it and it is framed in our den with our Shag art.


Kevin Kidney said...

Yay Computer Girl!

Hayley said...

Ugh. It kills me that I didn't line up you and Alice better. Looks like she's shooting eye-lasers into your head.

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