Friday, June 27, 2008

Good Teeth Certificate

This is a cool piece of ephemera from Australia. If you were a good little boy or girl, and had a good checkup at the dentist, you'd get this nifty certificate with all the Wonderland character on it congratulating you on your dental diligence. Perhaps if my dentist has given these out when I was a child, I would have had better experiences in the chair. Live and learn :)

The list of characters is interesting - the Dormant Doormouse? Who's that? And what has the Mad Hatter been drinking, he looks like W.C. Fields!


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Great Item, love the art work. Where in the world did you get this?? And yeah, who is the Dormant Doormouse? Cool name, but never heard of him!

Matt said...

I think the copywriter was taking a few liberties with the characters - Dormouse is the name of the character, and he slept a lot, so Dormant Doormouse probably seemed amusing enough at the for where I acquired this...the joys of ebay! A guy in Australia found a small grouping of them, he occasionally puts one up.

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