Tuesday, March 24, 2015

1963 Topps Temporary Tattoos

In 1963 Topps made a series of Disney character temporary tattoos that were printed on the inside of the wrapper of individual pieces of bubble gum, kinda like Bazooka bubble gum comic strips.  Oddly, the name of the gum was Tatoo Bubble Gum [sic] - I guess they felt that purposefully misspelling the word tattoo would prevent kids from getting real ones later in life.  We know these are from 1963 because the wrapper advertises the new Disney feature Summer Magic.
Currently I only have a March Hare tatoo, and it is amazing that even this one survived - after all why would you as a kid buy tattoo bubble gum if you weren't going to use the tattoo?  But I know there was at least an Alice and a Mad Hatter as well.  How do I know this?
Because I was fortunate enough to purchase the original art for all three of these tatoos from the Topps archive.  And tiny pieces of art they are too.

For more information on these Topps Tatoos, check out the amazing Topps Archive Blog (which I don't think is affiliated with the Topps Archive).

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