Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Alice in Wonderland Book by Dean of England

Possibly one of the prettiest books to come out of England during the original release (that didn't use Studio art) is the Dean book.
Released in 1951 it uses art that appears to be taken directly from frames of the film, with the exception of the cover and end papers.  It is difficult to find in good condition due mostly to the spine - which has a tendency to come off entirely.

In 2006 Disney released a reprint of this book in conjunction with the 55th anniversary of the film.  It looks just like the original, but with a few small differences.

  1. The reprint comes with a dust jacket
  2. The dust jacket has a big gold sticker on it that states this is a reprint from the 1951 original
  3. The word Dean has been removed from the grass in the lower right corner of the cover.  
  4. The lettering on the spine is totally different; the original has Alice in Wonderland vertically printed with the Dean horizontal at the base
  5. The back cover has a UPC code - a sure indication that it is not from 1951 ;-)
Don't be fooled..

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