Friday, December 5, 2008

Children's Digest - September 1951

This is the first magazine I knew about from 1951 that had an Alice cover, Tomart actually pictures it! It did take me a very long time to find one however. I guess children's periodicals don't really survive that well (with the exception of comics), but this one has survived in relatively good shape.

I wish I knew who did the art on the cover, looks kinda like Bill Justice but the credit inside just says Walt Disney Productions. And that text box on the cover is quite annoying...

The interior is pretty cool, it is the actual poem from Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll.

Pages have browned a little, and are no longer the light green 'eye-ease' tint that they expound upon inside...

I have always liked the oysters with their disembodied feet...

It is interesting to see how the poem was edited for inclusion in the film - it is amazing to me that this sequence is even IN the film as it has nothing to do with Alice and her journey. Probably why it is edited out of most, if not all, of the network TV broadcasts of the film, to make it fit in a one hour time slot - with commercials of course.

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