Monday, December 8, 2008

Inker's Test of Mother and Baby Oysters

This is one of those things you find and you just say 'wow, that is really pretty cool'. This is a set of inker's test cels of Mother Oyster and several Baby Oysters.

The ink lines are pretty amazing, and surprisingly done in multiple colors, including a little dry brush work on Mother's pearl nose and shell. I've only ever come across two sets of inker's tests, these and an Alice I have that is just black ink only...not sure how rare these are, I imagine they were used for practice or to test the ability of new hires or potential hires, so were probably discarded or wiped.


Linda said...

I have just come across a small collection of twelve model sheet photostats of different parts of Alice In Wonderland, including one of the oysters. I am curious to know more about them.

Matt said...

those were used by animators to help them stay "on model" when drawing the characters, basically to make all artists draw them the same way since dozens of them would work on the same sequence. I would be interested to see dhich ones you have. You can contact me directly at

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