Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mock Turtle - Lobster Quadrille Storyboard Stills and Art

No Gryphon today, but lots of Mock Turtle. I think this is the storyboard sequence for an abandoned song called The Lobster Quadrille (as mentioned in Lost Chords) but I am not positive about that. I have posted the entire sequence since there are some pretty fun images in here that are not of the Mock Turtle. Again, these are stills from the same estate as yesterday's post.

I don't know who the artists is for these, anybody out there know who did these?

Guess this is the Lizard with the French Horn - Bill's cousin

and Frog with Lute....

and the blowfish with the music stands is quite something as well...

I love the Mock Turtle-ettes!

I swear it looks like that lobster is wearing loafers...

This past summer this one sold at auction, but I didn't get it :(

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