Thursday, January 8, 2009

Postcard from Germany - Mad Tea Party - 1960

As mentioned yesterday, this is the other postcard from Germany from the same company, with much more vivid (and PINK!) art than the previous one.

As you can see from the postmark, this was mailed from Amsterdam on Feb 17, 1960.

My German is not what it used to be, so other than Walt Disney Productions and Alice in Wonderland, I'm at a loss as to what this says on the back. Hans?

UPDATE: Sarah pointed out that these were printed in Nuremburg, Germany. Thanks Sarah!

I did a little Google-ing, and found out that the company, Michel & Co. is apparently still in business, and headquarted in Frankfurt. These postcards were made by the Kunstverlag , or art publishing division.

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Sarah said...

I believe this is actually a German-printed postcard. My German is rusty, but I believe it is from Artpublisher Michel, in Nuremberg. The caption says "Alice in Wonderland at the unbirthday party."

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