Sunday, February 8, 2009

Disneyland Postcard D-16 or Was the Proof Reader on Strike?

Ok, so I know that I'm the only one out there who really pays attention to the Alice merchandise in the kind of detail that is becoming apparent to those of you reading this blog, but come on, this is a HUGE mistake...

I believe our heraldic friend on the left is actually the White Rabbit, and unless I miss my guess, there has NEVER been a March Hare walkaround character at the park - at least I've never seen one or even a photo of one. Other than the glaring error, this is a very cool postcard, featuring my favorite incarnation of Alice, with natural hair and knee socks. Scary rubber head Mad Hatter I think is probably best left in the past.


Hayley said...

Fabulous. I love it.

I wish they still had walk-around "princesses" with their natural hair color. And the knee socks are precious. They'd only be improved by stripes.

Stephen said...

There was a March Hare walk-around in the 1970s and 80s...well, at least there *was* one for special events: he was featured in the Wonderful World of Disney program "Disney on Parade", and he's also seen in 1985's "Disneyland's 30 Anniversary Celebration".

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