Friday, March 27, 2009

Tobler Sticker Album

Today we have the Alice sticker album that was advertised in the poster from yesterday's post. It is a very nice little sticker album, little being the operative word here. Compared to other sticker albums of the day, it is downright tiny, with only 4 interior pages and a total of 45 stickers. If you compare that with the Belgian sticker album's 150 stickers, you get my meaning.

All these Tobler sticker (or really card) albums are made the same way. The interior pages where you place the 'vignettes' is a single, one-color sheet folded once, giving you 4 pages. The cover is a separate piece, slighly larger than the interior pages, again folded once to make 4 pages, and in full color. The Alice album's cover art is quite nice, I've seen generic cover art for other albums, but have not personally seen any other film-specific covers to date. 'Course, I'm not lookin' for 'em either.

Download a PDF of the entire album (14MB).

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