Wednesday, June 2, 2010

NBC Bread End Seal Label Fill-In Picture

And here we have it, a completely filled in NBC Bread Fill-In Picture. Somebody back in the day had a lot of patience and a steady hand; some of those corners are really tight.

This is what one looks like not filled in. But the best part is on the back.

I have never read anything quite so horrifying as the ad copy on the back of this thing. It reads like some sort of gruesome fairy tale. "Hey kids, here's our anthropomorphic whole grain friend about to be crushed to death and baked in a commercial oven. Zingo!"

Just last week I discovered a variant of this fill-in picture, for the Schmidt's Blue Ribbon brand. Schmidt's is a regional bakery out of Baltimore, MD that is still in business today. In fact, according to their (very outdated) website, they are the largest independent bakery in the mid-Atlantic. I am particularly fond of their potato-based hamburger buns (yum!).

This item is available in the Wonderland Bazaar.


Major Pepperidge said...

Very cool that you managed to find an already-completed fill-in picture. Someone else did all the work, and you get all the money and fame! ;-)

Waldo Wheatkernel should be made into a movie by Tim Burton. (It would be better than his version of "Alice"...)

Matt said...

If anyone could make a movie about a suicidal wheat kernel with delusions of grandeur, he could!

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