Sunday, July 25, 2010

Alice Through the Disney-Glass - To-Day Magazine August-September 1951

From the summer of 1951 comes this English magazine called To-Day, with an article on Alice in Wonderland called Alice Through the Disney-Glass.

What's interesting about this magazine is that it is 99% about Scotland. Lots of articles about Scottish industry, scenery, culture, etc. And of course the Alice article. Out place? Perhaps.

The article itself is standard fare. Lots of statistics about the making of the film, albeit there is lots of emphasis on those members of the vocal talent who are indeed English - this is an English magazine after all.

The article is very careful not to critique the film too much, rather it spends a great deal of time praising Walt Disney in general and the artistry of the film. It does go so far to say that those expecting a Tenniel-esque adaptation will be disappointed. All in all a fairly fluffy piece.

I do like the press photo of Kathy on the final page of the article, as the publication does mention that Kathy bears a resemblance to the Tenniel Alice.

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