Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Marx Alice Disneykin

Today begins a new series: The Marx Series. First up, the Alice First Series Disneykin.

The first series Disneykins are from 1961 and were available pretty much continuously until the early 1970s. Alice is one of 34 different Disney characters in that series, and she came in three different box variations: the blue 'candy' box you see above, and the white box below.

The third variation is a pink window box, but I have not seen the Alice. Only 32 of the 34 first series figures came that way, in 4 collections of 8 figures; Alice is in collection 4.

The Alice Disneykin is very small, just over 1 1/4 inches tall. I have not figured out if the white box figure always had a green base like we see here, usually the Alice 'kin has a white base. There are also a wide variety of unpainted and oddly painted variations out there. Lots of the unpainted figures are from Mexico or South America. The variation below with the red dress is most likely from Germany or Holland as we'll see later.

If you are interested in Disneykins or other Disney Marx figures, I highly recommend Abby Weissman's excellent site. He has a wealth of information and an amazing collection of just about everything!

UPDATE: I have finally seen the pink box variation.


Major Pepperidge said...

I love Disneykins (and still have a Baloo that I got from a package of Jello pudding)!

I really like all of the oddball painted examples that you have... amazing.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Hello! Great info on Disneykins here - thank you. I was wondering if you could tell me some more about the variation in painting. Are the ones you show here official products? I have a Mickey and a Minnie with the strangest paint colors - yellow shirts, and blue and red accessories. Because of their strange colors, I wasn't sure if they were knock-offs or something? Thank you!

Matt said...

@Sarah - there were several 'variations' of disneykins, usually produced for foreign markets (see the posts on Holland variations). But there were also plain white ones released that many times were painted at home. If you have specific questions on specific figures, your best best is to ask abby over at disneykins.com

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I see, thank you!

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