Friday, July 16, 2010

Walt Disney Archive Surprise!

On the last day of our California vacation I took a trip up to the studio to have lunch my friends Mark and Paul while the ladies enjoyed Tea and Biscuits in Yorba Linda. After lunch Paul (from over at the Disney History Institute) took us to the archive to have a quick look-see prior to the D23 event that night.

At the archive we met some very nice people, and Paul offhandedly remarked that I was THE Alice man. One of the archive people quietly slipped away and returned a few minutes later holding THIS!!

Wow. A King of Hearts maquette. Is that cool or what? I don't know if it is from the film or from the attraction, but I don't really care. How nice was that of Shelley at the archive to go get this and show it to me? And then take my picture with it? Very cool I say. Thank you Shelley from the Archive, you are the best!


Matterhorn1959 said...

That is a smile of a very content and happy man! Thanks for sharing the rare maquette.

Major Pepperidge said...

Very cool, any idea what the maquette was made of? I've never seen one from any post-war animated films (until the later Katzenberg-era films).

Matt said...

I asked that when she brought it out, but she didn't know. I wasn't allowed to touch it but it looks like either clay or sculpey or something like that. And it might be from the 1984 rehab of the Disneyland attraction.

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