Sunday, April 21, 2013

Live Action Reference Photo A-SPEC-155 - The Mad Tea Party

Somehow I missed this one when I did the live action reference series a while back, this one is an OLD one, just look how young Kathy is!
Featuring Kathryn Beaumont, Jerry Colonna, and Ed Wynn.  Probably not a true live action reference, more likely a press photo during a recording session, but great to see all three together.


Major Pepperidge said...

I wonder if she has any memories of Ed Wynn or Jerry Colonna? Maybe their meeting was too brief.

Matt said...

She has mentioned in the past remembering recording the Mad Tea Party sequence. I imagine that would be difficult to forget.

Magic Emperor said...

Yeah, I heard a podcast where she said she was nervous when first meeting them, because she was familiar with them through radio. But, in her words, they were very kind.

Which is very good, because, let's face it, I don't think I could handle hearing Ed Wynn was a awful, mean guy.

Also, Major Pepperidge, I never said this, but I've thought it for a long time--nice avatar!

And, yes, Matt. I'm BACK! Bwaha! Well, I've still been here, just not really posted comments. :P

Matt said...

Nice to have you back @MagicEmperor

Torgo25 said...

I found another live-action reference photo as Kathryn Beaumont as Alice. It's from the croquet scene in which she's motioning with her finger for the flamingo to get close enough so that she can grab it. Unfortunately, it's very small and low-resolution. I found it at the following link:

Maybe the people who run the site have a better quality version of said photo? I haven't found it anywhere else. I hope that helps.

Magic Emperor said...

Thanks, Torgo! I believe that's the exact interview I referenced. But it's been years, so maybe it isn't. And I haven't the time to listen to it to confirm it. The time!!

Also, great username. "I take care of the place while the Master is away."

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