Wednesday, April 17, 2013

White Rabbit Get Well Card by Valentine's Greeting Cards - England

Fantastic get well card from the English company Valentine's Greeting Cards featuring the White Rabbit.  "Hoping you'll soon be out of the wood" is the sentiment here, although we here in the USA would say "out of the woods."  I like the Tulgey Wood sign that shows the way out.
The inside is where the gold is on this card, showing the White Rabbit in the picture of health, smoking his cigar(?!) and having a spot of tea.  I'm pretty sure this card would not be AMA approved.
As with all English products, this is by permission of Walt Disney Mickey Mouse LTD.


Brian Sibley said...

I've a rotten cold ––– but, after seeing this, I'm already beginning to feel better!

Thanks! :)

Matt said...

@Brian - I hope you are feeling better, and if not, stay tuned for the next two days, then I'm sure you'll feel better :-)

Major Pepperidge said...

I love the drawing of the White Rabbit with his cigar, possibly because it's juuust a bit "off".

Matt said...

Just a bit ;-)

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