Sunday, March 23, 2014

25 Years of Collecting Alice - How is That Even Possible?

We interrupt our model sheet series for this special announcement.

Dude, seriously?  I've been doing this for 25 years?!  That just can't be right.  That would make me ... ok, let's not go there just yet.

So yeah, been at this for 25 years now, and it has certainly been a ride.  Instead of just posting some random items from the collection I thought I'd give you a tour of the Tulgey Wood - virtually of course.  I took these photos with my phone nearly six years ago, so they are slightly out of date, but the Tulgey Wood is not currently in photo-ready condition, so these will have to do.

Just outside the Tulgey Wood is this barrister bookcase filled with all sorts of breakable goodies.  This has now been replaced by two shorter barrister cases so I don't have to reach on tip toes to get to the top shelf.  This case contains the Regal, Goebel, Hagen-Renaker, Weetman, Shaw, MCP, Enesco, Galligani, Zaccagnini, Leeds, Pales, Cuernavaca, and a variety of other currently unknown  makers. Its good not living in Southern California for this case alone.
 As we step inside the Tulgey wood and turn immediately to our left, a very narrow strip of wall features some frames art including cels, dye transfers, a rotoscope enlargement, and some pins.  All of the frames pin sets have since been sold.  Gotta stay focused :-)
 The door.  Behind this door lives the vast array of tubs and tubes featuring things that are not currently on display.  Hopefully they will see the light of day sometime, at least on the blog.
As we move clockwise around the room we now have the contemporary figures like WDCC, some foreign feves, and some other limited edition things.  On the very top is an old Disney Store display prop of the White Rabbits costume and a White Rabbit big fig.
Continuing around the room we have a prototype Cheshire Cat mirror, a one-sheet, and a limited edition cel.
Next begins the wide array of bookcases courtesy of Ikea.  Thanks Billy!  Along the top are various contemporary cookie jars which have all since been sold, an Elisabeth Gomes tea set, some Japanese tea sets, and on the bottom some vintage cookie jars.
More cookie jars here, some Kevin and Jody pieces, a very cool vintage English childs dish set, more contemporary tea sets.
In the final two cases we have a bunch of 1970-1990s figures, and some vintage tea sets, marionettes, tin trays, and soap!
Turning the corner we have a lot of puzzles, lots of books, some clocks, and some cast member items.
More puzzles, a bunch of Marx plastic, watches and more watches, and paper galore.  In the second case we have more Marx, Libbey glasses, an exceptionally cool English game, more paper, and Gund dolls.
Did I mention plush?  Lots of plush, vintage Lars, Gund, contemporary Disney Store, Japan and more.
Playsets, dolls, more dolls, still more dolls, and records.  And a flamingo prop from a Disneyland parade.
And that's it!  The Tulgey Wood (as it was in July of 2008).  Things have changed but this is still a good representation of what's in there, but cleaner ;-)  Perhaps I'll have updated photos for the 30th anniversary.


Ash! said...

That's amazing! You have really wonderful stuff!

Brigitte Allender said...

Matt I would have expected nothing less ! wish I could even post My Disney collection! ! too big 45 years ! Thanks for posting ! Barry

Heidi Ann said...

Your collection is completely and totally BEYOND cool.

Matt said...

Thanks for all the kind words

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