Sunday, March 30, 2014

Animation Model Sheet 657-1131 - Alice Cleanup Suggestions

And last but not least, another Alice, but it is a conundrum.  A cleanup model sheet, but date coded June 1957?  Why?
The style of the model sheet is correct for '57, as it has the dark gray background whereas in '50 they had white backgrounds.  Also, all 1950 model sheets list the production number (2069) for Alice, and this one does not.  Was this perhaps used for an educational film, a commercial, or some other project?  We may never know.  But all the images are from the feature, so no new art.


Major Pepperidge said...

Once again I am waaaay behind on your blog, but today I got all caught up. WOW, what a collection of model sheets, you have so many that I've never seen before. Awesome.

Like you, I thought that perhaps there was a commercial featuring Alice (for that 1957 model sheet); but you would probably know about it! Could this have been used for product licensees?

Matt said...

It is a conundrum. There were several things animated after the film featuring Alice, but you'd think the model sheet would reference the production.

Although this is a large number of model sheets in total (27), it still does not cover all the characters! There are tons of Tulgey Wood critters not represented, other creatures from the Caucus Race, and four prominent speaking characters without a sheet (as far as I know): Alice's Sister, Bill the Lizard, the March Hare, and the Dormouse - although the March Hare does appear on the Ruff Rabbit sheet in two images.

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