Monday, March 3, 2014

Character Merchandising Division Model Sheet - Alice A-1-50

In a comment a few posts back for one of the puzzles, I alluded to a model sheet used by the Character Merchandising Division, here is that model sheet.
Although it is labeled as Rough, and Not to be Used, we see these poses on Alice merchandise of the period quite frequently.  The full figure Alice in particular turns up all over the place.  The Alice with her head in her hands was very nicely rendered by a Tobler postcard that I posted back in the first year of the blog.

This is the only vintage CMD model sheet I've ever come across, dated January 1950 via the code A-1-50.  There certainly must be others for each of the main characters, but none have surfaced to my knowledge.  But, there are a whole lot of animation model sheets, at least 25 that I am aware of.  Stay tuned!

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