Sunday, April 20, 2014

Kent Feedsack - Homemade Items

Since the entire purpose of these printed feedsacks was to enable homemakers to sew clothes or other items from them, let's take a look at some!
This is a baby blanket made with not one but two full feedsacks, and one of each pattern.  Interesting that they chose the yellow and green colors, guess this was a shower gift and they chose non-traditional gender colors.
This looks like a smock or dress or pinafore for a very young girl, no more than 18 months I would guess.  It laces up the back.
This is an apron, probably made for a little girl to help her mother with the chores.
And this is another apron, could be for a girl or Mom, but is in very good shape, doesn't look like it was every used.

I love stuff like this, things that were actually used as they were designed.  I have a few other items like this, but they appear to be small tablecloths or perhaps basket liners and as such just look like a big square, so not the interesting to photograph.


Alan Lance Andersen said...

How do you manage to find these things?

Matt said...

Constant vigilance! And the fact that I've been doing this for 25 years. It was a lot easier in the 1990s when it seemed like I was one of only 2 or 3 Disney Alice collectors out there, I bought absolutely everything I saw, regardless of whether or not I had it already. It's amazing what a compulsive personality, a good job with good pay, no major financial responsibilities, and a complete disregard for my future financial security will do for amassing a collection.

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