Saturday, April 19, 2014

Kent Feedsack - Alice Cast in Yellow

Last of the series, and again a color unique to this pattern, yellow.
This colorway is special, well sort of.  It is the one and only example I have that remains a flour sack complete with label.  All others that I have have had the label removed, although some remain sacks.
Notice the Percy Kent logo in the upper right corner of the label.
So that makes two patterns, two styles (feed and flour), and 5 colors per pattern, with 4 colors specific to one pattern or another (to date).  That makes 10 distinct colorway/pattern combinations, with another 10 potential variations for feed/flour - although I've only encountered feedsacks in two colors and only in the Alice Cast pattern.  I don't even know if the two different fabrics correspond to differences in flour vs feed, but it is the only distinction I can imagine.

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